How do I activate a Vivint panel?

First of all, welcome to the Vivint family! You’ve moved into a house that contains a Vivint home security system and it’s already installed in your new home. This saves you time and money on equipment and installation costs. Your system activation is only a phone call away!

Follow the steps below to activate your Vivint panel and get your system up and running:

1.Call 800-985-9539 and press “1” for new accounts. Our representatives will check the status of the system and give you a comprehensive list of the equipment currently in your new home.
2. A panel activation pro will confirm that your system is updated, current, and working properly—completely over the phone!
3. You can always add additional equipment to your system, so confirm that your system is customized for YOUR needs and security.
4. You’re all done! The existing system is now yours—with no contract and at a fixed monthly rate!

Now, go enjoy your new feeling of security in your new home with your Vivint Alarm System! Congratulations!

Call for more information and start securing your home today!