Vivint VS. ADT

The biggest step in choosing a home security system is finding a company that is genuinely concerned about the safety of you and your family. You can tell when a security company is serious about what they do by the technology and pricing they offer. Take a look at some of the differences between Vivint Home Security and the well-known ADT. You may be surprised at what you find:

Free Remote Access?

With Vivint Home Security, you’ll receive free remote access to your security system, so you will always be able to arm and disarm your system on your smart phone! ADT doesn’t give you that. Their traditional packages do not include remote access through your smart phone, which means you’ll have to pay more to access your cameras or arm and disarm your system remotely.

High Tech Cameras?

Let’s break it down. When you’re looking for a security camera, you want something that works during the day AND night, with a wide-angle HD picture. Vivint’s Outdoor Camera Pro checks all the boxes, and more! With ADT, you’ll get a 90-degree view with only 720p HD, while Vivint Home Security provides a 140-degree view with 1080p HD. That makes all the difference when identifying and catching an intruder.

Functional Touch Screen Panel?

You may like the look of the touch screen panels each company offers, but do they function as they should in the event of an emergency? Vivint’s LCD touch screen panel includes two-way voice with a monitoring dispatcher if your alarm is ever triggered, ensuring the fastest response time. With ADT, you’ll have to pay for more than just their basic package to receive this addition to your panel. Once again, ADT makes you pay extra for functionality. With Vivint, your panel will be both sleek AND functional.

With so much at stake, why not invest in the security system that will bring convenience, safety, and the best technology on the market all together? Vivint Home Security is not just a brand name offering very basic equipment and extra fees to secure your home. We give you the tools to peace of mind when you need it most, with up-to-date technology to properly secure your home.

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