The Vivint Smart Door Lock combines the best of smart home security—the convenience of remote controlled access and the peace of mind in knowing your home is always secure. Vivint Home Security gives you the ability to lock and unlock your front door remotely with the Vivint app, through the keyhole, or with a four-digit code on the keypad. With this secure technology, you will always know that your front door is secure, and keep an eye on family or visitors entering and exiting the home. The Vivint Smart Door Lock alleviates the second guessing of whether your home is truly secure while you’re away, making it a great addition to your security system.

• Notifications right to your smart phone—When your door is locked or unlocked, you’ll receive an alert on your smart phone so you can stay up to date on what’s happening at your home while you’re away.

• A completely secure keypad—If someone tries to tamper with the keypad or keyhole, the alarm will be triggered and the proper authorities will be called to your home. You’ll receive a notification on your phone as well!

• You won’t need to fuss with hidden keys under your doormat anymore—Create a personalized code to unlock the door with the secure keypad or use your Vivint Smart Phone App to unlock or lock the Smart Door Lock remotely. It’s the perfect option for visitors or rental properties!

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