Your home should be accessible, yet safe, whether you’re home or not. Vivint Smart Home gives you both, without compromising on security. The Vivint Smart Doorbell Camera and Smart Door Lock combine top-notch technology and efficiency at the most traveled area of your home.

Worried about those Girl Scout cookies being delivered to your doorstep and melting in the sun? The Vivint App sends notifications right to your smart phone whenever the Smart Doorbell Camera detects a visitor at your front door. Use the Vivint App to unlock your Smart Door Lock so your cookies can be delivered safely inside.

Maybe your kids arrive home before you get off work and you want to make sure they always get home safely, without relying on their memory to text you, “I’m home!”. The Vivint Smart Door Lock allows you to create unique user codes to unlock the door, so you can make sure you keep track of when and who is entering the home. You can even keep an eye on who is with them by checking the recorded feed from your Smart Doorbell through your Vivint App.

Stop spending time worrying about the security of your front door and let Vivint Smart Home turn your front porch into a smart front porch.

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